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Model basher - Dinyar Antia

Introducing my good buddy Dinyar (Dinky to all his friends). He is a respected teacher of choral music and quite a celebrity in Pune's western music circle.

This is the layout in his bedroom. You have to duck under the tracks to get in. His speciality is to take apart perfectly good working models and rebuilding them to a Indian Railways look. He uses exotic material such as expanded polystyrene, pieces of wood and ivory visiting cards to work his magic.

He is not on the internet yet, so any mails for him could be sent care of me.  

Image1.jpg (103566 bytes) Dinky with his layout, as you can see the permnent way can be taken apart, the west side track has been removed to guests can easily enter his bedroom
Image13.jpg (84458 bytes) An AC EMU waits by the side of a WG
Image12.jpg (73593 bytes) Another view of the EMU rake
Image14.jpg (71738 bytes) WG on its own
Image3.jpg (69624 bytes) A WCM 2 backs on to its rake
Image5.jpg (66656 bytes) Image4.jpg (71810 bytes) Image6.jpg (71085 bytes) WCM 2 in motion with the livery of any ordinary train out of Mumbai
Image7.jpg (92521 bytes) The WCM 2 waits with a WAP 1, the train just inbound on the road 2 is the Calcutta Gaya Express !
Image8.jpg (103327 bytes) The WAP 1 hauls the Rajdhani rake past the mirror
Image10.jpg (53036 bytes) Rajdhani on the curve
Image17.jpg (60861 bytes) The WP hauls its train past a tanker rake, while another steam loco climbs the ghat line
Image16.jpg (61360 bytes) The same unamed steam loco hauls a breakdown rake
Image15.jpg (56992 bytes) A WAM 4 hauls the tanker rake complete with a CRT wagon for crash protection
Image11.jpg (86083 bytes) The WAM 4 also works during night
Image18.jpg (68472 bytes) Metropolitan Vickers EA/1 shunts behind a container rake (on a ghat line !!)
Image20.jpg (58517 bytes) The Blue Deccan Queen rake is whisked about by the MV EA/1
Image19.jpg (67817 bytes) The old pre-IRS rake of the Deccan Queen
Image21.jpg (75007 bytes) The commited railnut squats in front of the show.


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